Welcome to People Data + Science Blog by Octosocial Labs

Welcome to People Data + Science Blog.

We started this blog to share some insight on the most interesting aspects about how technology can help people to form new friendships. We touch on many interesting subjects about how people meet strangers and how technology can help that. We also heavily focus on information that we can back up with appropriate data and scientific methods.

As our name suggests, it is all about people, data & science.

This blog will also give some updates and news about our company: Octosocial Labs, which is a small company with a big vision for the future. We believe that science can help people to find new friends and meaningful connections. I have worked for many years developing and researching recommendations algorithms for online dating, and I was fortunate enough to have published one of the first computer science papers in the subject, giving me and my co-workers the opportunity to define the field of reciprocal recommenders – where recommendations are only successful when a relationship is formed.

If you are interested in details, have a look at some of my scientific papers at luiz.pizzato.cc

Hope to you see you back here.

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