Sydney is more friendly than ever


In the face of the horrific hostage siege in Sydney’s Lindt cafe that ended this morning, the city of Sydney and the Australian people are already showing the world that we are better than that. The only consequence of such an aggression is to make us even more welcoming and friendly towards minorities.

Sydney had already started to show this yesterday with the hashtag ‪#‎illridewithyou‬. This started with a voluntary act of solidarity with a muslim lady on a Sydney train that took the world by storm, with people everywhere showing their support and not blaming an entire religion for the act of a tiny number of people.

We strive for a peaceful world where people can be friends with each other regardless of race, cultural background, social status, education, religion, gender or sexuality. Sydney is a city that can lead the world on this front, and we are proud to live and work here.

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