The magic words to make new friends: a lesson from Australia


Australia is one of the friendliest countries to live in. Sydney, Melbourne and many of its cities consistently feature as among the most liveable places, as well as the friendliest cities for tourists. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is that in Australia everyone is your mate. The common Australian greeting – g’day mate – puts everyone as your mate. It lowers the barriers of communication and helps people to identify with each other as equals.

That does not mean that every Australian is a personal friend with each other. But calling each other mates is friendly and puts us on an equal level.

We, at Octosocial Labs, believe in breaking barriers for people to become friends with each other. The first and hardest barrier is to get started is saying hi to someone. This 26th of January is Australia Day, and to commemorate, we introduced a new message to Foster Friend: “G’day mate”. So go on and say g’day mate to someone new and make new friends.

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