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Get Social

Making friends is easy
Beta release coming in 2016

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Get Social is the app that you’ve been waiting for. Meet new people in your neighbourhood, chat to them online first before you decide to meet them in person.

How Get Social works:

  • Sign up with your Facebook account and tell us a few words about who you are and what are your interests
  • Receive recommendations to join groups of people who are similar to you. Everyone in the Get social community wants to make new friends and are open to new friendships.
  • Send and receive short messages to other users in your group – it’s so easy
  • Now you feel more connected – if you would like to meet the people you’ve been talking to, suggest a group outing and meet in real life

We care about protecting your privacy, you do not need to reveal any details about yourself until you are ready.

This is a free app designed to help people to to make new friends in their city, so please help to spread the word about Get Social!

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